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Burnette’s Exclusive Pomeranians is owned and operated by Janie Burnette of Dawsonville, Georgia. We are loving breeders of small registered Poms. We take great pride in our CKC Pomeranians (Continental Kennel Club). We breed quality CKC Pomeranians in various sizes and colors. The average weight of our adult Poms ranges between 5-12 pounds. Although we do not breed “show” quality poms they are overly beautiful for a family dog member.

 We’ve had Pomeranians in our family most of our adult lives. They’re a huge part of our extended family. Our Poms are our joy and give us unconditional love…their pups will do the same for you when raised in a loving environment. They are very devoted dogs and tend to select who will be their master (not you).

When you buy one of our Fur-babies they will be current with their shots and de-worming before they are released to their new family. They are never released until 8 weeks old & fully weaned from mom. The puppies are raised in our home making them well socialized, happy and healthy.


To those that know us and the ones that don’t … WE BREED POMERANIANS FOR THE LOVE OF THE BREED … with an extra bonus that we love puppies.

We have heard complaints about our price for CKC Pomeranians. Were you aware that our price is just a fraction of what other good breeders ask? We don’t breed just for the money as there’s very little left after the overhead expenses. Think about it … when you add vet shots, grooming, medication, food, shelter, labor, breeding parents expenses, our time and etc…. it is not cheap to raise a high quality pup. We also breed for the size and color. We try our hardest to please everyone.

We don’t sell to everyone. Our decision on who becomes one of our fur-ever babies owners depends on many circumstances. These are our babies and we have to speak up for them because no one else can.

We work hard for our fur-babies. It’s not easy taking care of a lot of spoiled Poms but that is what’s required for a beautiful end product.

Some people don’t mind breeders and some make terrible and hurtful remarks like on facebook for other unsuspecting people to view. That’s just wrong! They don’t know us but yet think it is okay to make such harsh remarks. We all have our on thoughts and opinions. Sometimes it is best to say nothing than to say something hurtful and damaging. We all know there are good and bad breeders. That goes unsaid. But if you don’t know that person/breeder personally and been in there home then don’t lie or judge them.


Buyers must pick up puppy in person as we do not deliver nor ship our fur-babies.

For the safety of our Pomeranian puppies, Buyers may be interviewed to determine the reason of purchase of puppy, what type of environment the puppy will be living in and other relevant questions. Please understand that we are doing this because the puppies cannot speak for themselves.



If you leave with a pup on the same day you visit, all transactions are Cash Only.

Because of the past history we’ve experienced with uncommitted Buyers who gave us bad checks or money orders, we NO LONGER ACCEPT personal checks, *uncheckable money orders, credit cards, debit cards, Venmo or other apps.

We do accept: Cash,PayPal (+ Buyer pays Transaction Fee) OR Certified Cashier’s Check from your BANK Only – no exceptions (if certified funds not from your bank, funds will be declined).

I DO NOT finance or offer a payment plan. Sorry for the inconvenience but those other bad experiences has ruined it for the rest of the honest Buyers/Families.


We do everything in our power to keep the puppies happy & healthy until they are sold to a fur-ever family. We supply them with fresh water and food multiple times a day. Before they are sold they are given at least two (if not three) puppy shots (aka “Canine Distemper-Adenovirus, Type 2 Para-influenza & Parvo-virus and Canine Corona-virus Vaccine”). And they have been de-wormed numerous times with “Pyran/Panacur”.

Through the process of de-worming the results are the puppy passing worms (tape, round, hook) in its poop. The pup may also have other non-life-threatening parasites or worms. This is unavoidable. We cannot guarantee that the puppy will be parasite or worm-free when it leaves.

It is recommended that you take your pup to your veterinarian within 1-week of purchase for a full checkup. It may not need its next shot yet. This is to give you a peace of mind. If you do take your pup to the vet within 1-week and if the vet does find something that is life threatening to the pup then we will refund your money (with the return of the pup and documented proof from your vet). This is our limited health guarantee/warranty.

Refer to this website:


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There is a scammer using our Pomeranian photos and claiming he must sell the pup(s) quickly at a ridiculously low price. He will give you a sob story. Currently he’s claiming he has a deceased wife and must move to another state because he can’t handle the memories … or some other sob story. He insists that you wire him shipping / delivery fees for the pup. This is a LIE!

***** THIS IS A 100% SCAM!!!! *****

If you find a scammer using our Pom Pup pictures please notify us immediately. October 3, 2017

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